Hunt the Truth Season Two

Hunt the Truth season two is out and I wrote several episodes.


Hunt the Truth is an award winning radio drama/podcast set in the Halo universe.

Season one was structured like Serial, the This American Life spinoff podcast that investigated a single murder over a season of podcast episodes.

Season two is structured like an old fashioned radio drama. So it’s a format invented in the early 1900s telling stories in a videogame universe set in the 26th century. Which is pretty awesome if you think about it.

Season Two

If you want to listen, Aaron and I wrote episodes three through six for season two. They’re available on the Hunt The Truth tumblr and SoundCloud pages.

Writing our episodes was unbelievably fun for a few reasons:

  • Amazing freedom. In television and web video, Aaron and I are always limited by budget. No one’s going to give us a hundred million dollars to film a spaceship battle no matter how awesome and funny we promise it’s going to be. But in radio, there is no budget! The only limits are the sound design and the audience’s patience.

  • It’s friggin Halo. I still remember rushing home from high school and tearing open my brand new Xbox. I’d been waiting for months for the console and years for Halo, so when the awesomely over the top Halo menu music started (monks chanting and harmonizing, 480p graphics sizzling my eyeballs), it felt like a borderline spiritual moment. Now, all these years later, it’s just so exciting to know that I got to write in a little corner of that universe.

Infinite thanks to the Ayzenberg creative agency for inviting us to work on this with them and their awesome in-house writers.